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100% Raw Organic

We use high pressure processing to keep our coconut water 100% pure and retain 100% of the coconut taste. This means we don’t heat our coconut water and ruin the nutritional value and delicate organic coconut taste.

Fair For The Farmers

As our name suggests, Honest Harvest is all about staying true to our growers. We have systems in place to support both their way of life and the biodiversity of the land, ensuring these coconut groves are prosperous and healthy for decades to come. We are proud to source our coconut water from farmers who are FAIR TRADE, UDSA, HACCP and GMP certified.

The Coconut Water That Really Tastes Better

From the first sip of Honest Harvest you’ll feel you’ve been transported to the tropics. It really is as close as you can experience drinking straight from a young green coconut without having to crack one, perhaps even better! Above all others, you’ll discover that our coconut water is pure,  smooth, naturally sweet, complex and full bodied. It’s a taste that’s not only good for you, it’s refreshing. Taste the difference!


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