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Freshness is key

Honest Harvest uses only fresh, young green Nam Hom coconuts from Thailand, considered the sweetest and most flavoursome in the world. From tree to bottle same day at peak ripeness to capture the flavour. We never use heat to pasteurise our coconuts, but keep all the goodness and flavour alive by using High Pressure Processing (HPP). This means that Honest Harvest coconut water stays fresher for longer without adding all the bad stuff.


Fair for the farmers

As our name suggests, Honest Harvest is all about staying true to our growers. We have systems in place to support both their way of life and the biodiversity of the land, ensuring these coconut groves are prosperous and healthy for decades to come. Every part of our operation - cultural, biological and mechanical, conforms to USDA organic regulations.


Why is it pink?

Many people ask why our coconut water is sometimes clear and sometimes pink. This colour change is due to naturally occurring antioxidants present only in pure coconut water and has no affect on the taste.


Community & Health Benefits

Honest Harvest 100% Organic, Raw Coconut Water is not only great tasting but it's also good for you and the community. Let me tell you why...

-Naturally hydrating Isotonic for the body

-100% organic

-Single Origin

-Never Heated

-No added sugar

-Not from concentrate

-No additives

-No preservatives

-Gluten free

-Contains bioactive enzymes

-Essential electrolytes for your body

-More potassium than a banana

-Fair trade responsible

-Helping to create positive social and economic change